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Colors available are Green and Chocolate.

These buckwheat neck pillows conform perfectly to the shape of your head and neck ensuring individualized support and is a perfect addition to your yoga practice. Even though we call it a neck pillow, you can use the same pillow to support your spine, knees and ankles also.

Buckwheat hulls are considered hypoallergenic and do not house dust mites.

Air circulates freely through buckwheat hulls (constant ventilation) , pillows made from these hulls stay fresh and fluffy.

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The Hoffner Masonic lodge was built in 1885 by Cincinnati architect Samuel Hannaford. It is one of those historic sites, once you enter the building its like traveling back to an era of exquisite architecture and design. This was a fantastic backdrop for a yoga shoot. When we combined that with the talented and patient photographer Tom Uhlman (, it overall turned out to be a wonderful experience. He is very professional and passionate about what he does. It produced some really great pictures for Eco Samsara. He brought out the best in amateur models Emily, Kris and Julie. All of us including the kids had a blast shooting at the Buddhist Dharma center in the building.

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Our traditional cotton yoga rug continues to be our best selling yoga mat. It is made from 100 percent cotton making it environmentally friendly and extremely durable. Visit our website to see our range of environmentally friendly yoga accessories.


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As a child, I was taught yoga in our backyard surrounded by palm trees in Kerala, the southern-most state of India. When after a gap of several years, I started with my yoga practice again in USA, I noticed an exploding popularity of yoga. As a certified yoga practitioner, I appreciated the importance of yoga as a journey towards fulfillment and a way of creating balance within all aspects of life. I knew this, but found a dearth of products that matched my tradition and style. It was this void that inspired me to launch my own line of yoga products that gave birth to the idea of Eco Samsara.

Eco Samsara is proud to be bringing natural and traditional yoga accessories for you. In harmony with nature, bringing forward the essence of Yoga and Ayurveda from the roots of India in high quality products is our promise to you. Simple yet Stylish yoga products are offered through our new online store at To see a total line of our products, please visit our product page. If you are not satisfied with our product, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Yoga works on your mind and body making it stronger and stress free. Give us a chance to serve you, and serve you better. You will be amazed at both our quality and line of products. Eco Samsara Ltd. is operating out of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Ani Nayar

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