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Meditation with gazing technique

Today’s blog focuses on how meditation can help you increase concentration and keep the mind, body & soul calm. In specific, this blog explores a meditation technique known as Trataka!

Concentration in simple terms is to focus on one specific task without allowing the mind to get distracted. Every individual has different levels of concentration. Concentration is said to be the by-product of meditation. Meditation helps one increase alertness and focus, hence the concentration.

Now let us explore one of the most popular techniques for performing Meditation, Trataka.

In Sanskrit, Trataka means to look or to gaze, because of which the practice of gazing/staring at an object evolved into a meditation technique, Trataka. This meditation technique is considered as a cleansing practice in Yoga, which helps develop concentration, strengthen eyes, and stimulate the body chakras.

Trataka helps an individual to disconnect from the external world by focussing on a single object. It initially helps in strengthening of the eyes and gradually builds the power to avoid distraction from the surroundings by focusing concentration on one object.

The gazing objects

In the Trataka technique, an individual can gaze at a candle flame, or a black dot, or a symbol to perform this meditation technique. Ideally the symbol or object should be such that it activates the inner soul of the individual and calms the body, soul and mind. Candle flame is one of the most popular objects used for this meditation technique.


How is Trataka performed?

As mentioned above, Trataka can be performed on different objects but candle flame is the most popular object used for this technique. To perform Trataka follow these steps:

Step 1. Sit comfortably in the meditative position. You can place a bolster to ensure your posture is correct as well as comfortable since you need to sit in this pose for a long duration.

Step 2. Place a candle on a small table/stool/stand in front of you, such that the line of sight of candle flame is in horizontal view of your eyes.

Step 3. Once settled, light the candle and focus on the top end of the wick.

Step 4. Avoid blinking and try to concentrate on the candle flame.

Step 5. It may happen that with constant gazing, your eyes may start watering. Now close your eyes and relax.

Step 6. Visualize the candle flame image with your eyes closed. Try to form the image as clear as possible and focus on the same with your eyes closed.

You will be able to visualize the candle flame with practice. It is possible that initially you may not visualize anything, but do not lose hope, keep practicing and you will be able to succeed.

 Advantages of Trataka

This meditation technique helps to

  • Purify eyes

  • Enhance concentration level

  • Stimulate one’s nervous system

  • Enhance memory power

This Trataka meditation technique has ample benefits, especially in today’s stressful life. Explore this meditation technique in the New Year 2015. With this last blog for the year 2014, EcoSamsara wishes you good health & prosperity in the New Year 2015!

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