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Mountain Pose/ Tadasana

Mountain pose/ Tadasana:

Tadasana is formed of two Sanskrit words, tāda which means mountain and āsana which means posture thereby giving the name; The Mountain Pose! As the name suggests, you are strong and standing tall during the pose.

This fundamental yoga posture teaches you to align your spine, and balance your weight evenly from front to back and side to side. While the pose can be performed by itself, it is most commonly used as a resting or transition pose.

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Performing Tadasana:

Let us look at step by step procedure to perform and acquire the Tadasana.

  1. Start by setting up a stable mountain pose by placing your feet with a few inches space between them. Ensure the heels are not too close, if the ankles are touching, move out your heels to create comfortable standing pose. Make sure your body weight is evenly distributed between both feet.

  2. Stand straight with toes, knees and hips all face forward.

  3. Engage your abdominal.

  4. Keep your chest broad as you relax your shoulders.

  5. Relax your arms to both sides with palms open facing outwards, resting along with your hip area. You can also do a namaste position where palms of your hands are pressed together in front of the chest and fingers pointing upward.

  6. Lengthen your neck and set your gaze forward.

  7. Stay in this position for 30 seconds to one minute with slow even breaths.

You can challenge your balance by practicing this pose with your eyes closed. Also raise your arms overhead, and lift your heels. Notice how such a small movement in space can have such a large change on your balance. Return your heels to the ground and relax your arms by your sides.

tadasana 5

Benefits of Tadasana

Yoga asanas are beneficial in many forms, apart from providing relaxation and rejuvenation for the whole body, each asana plays a specific role for a body part. The benefits of Tadasana are spread across the whole body from top to bottom. No doubt, this is also a reason why Tadasana is the base of many asanas in yoga. It is the seat, base, the foundation for all standing poses.

Some benefits of Tadasana are listed below:

  • Strengthens core body muscles such as abdomen, hips, thighs, and legs

  • Enhances strength of foot muscles, helps in reduction of flat feet

  • Improves posture and spine alignment

  • Improves balance

  • Helps in reducing health problems such as headache, insomnia, blood pressure (low)

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