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Must have yoga accessory- Jute yoga mat

This is third blog in the series which focuses on an innovative and very unique product, the Jute Yoga Mat. In our earlier blogs, we discussed about the most popular asana in yoga, Surya Namaskar and yoga Bolsters which help perform the restorative yoga poses.

You must be wondering what could be so innovative and unique in a jute mat that we are focusing a complete blog article on it! Read on and you will understand why this Jute yoga mat is so special. One of the specialties about this jute yoga mat is that it is designed and manufactured exclusively for Eco Samsara.

A yoga mat is a basic piece of practice gear. There are growing concerns that the increasing popularity of yoga is putting people and the environment at risk because the conventional yoga mats made of PVC may not be safe. PVC is inexpensive, is non-skid and its widely available. In order to make PVC soft and “sticky”, as is required for yoga mats, many chemicals are added which are toxic to humans and to the environment. Prolonged contact with PVC contents can have various effects on the health of the user. Natural yoga mat is therefore good for the body since it does not cause any negative side effects.

Eco Samsara Jute mat is made from natural jute fiber which will eventually breakdown and be recyclable. Jute allows for a stronger, more breathable, longer lasting texture to help secure the most difficult of yoga poses. The mat is covered with a cotton tote bag which can be easily home-washed after every usage. This mat can be spread over your sticky mat hence avoiding sweaty contact with PVC-rubber material while also providing a clean and fresh mat experience every day.

Yoga mat is your sanctuary and domain, and you need to feel balanced and at peace when you practice. In other words, it would not be wrong if we say, Yoga is worship and indeed you would like to perform this worship in most sacred manner. Eco Samsara’s jute yoga mat helps you do just that, providing you a neat, clean and eco friendly way to perform yoga asanas. This is not all; the list of ways in which this simple yet innovative jute yoga mat can be used is long.

This Jute yoga mat can be used as a regular yoga mat and in addition it can be used in following ways when performing yoga.

  • folded and used as a meditation cushion.
  • -used while performing seating postures – If you are tighter in the hamstrings, hips and back and you can’t sit comfortably on your sit bones, or you find your back rounding, sit up on the yoga mat folded in your seated postures to reduce the risk of injury and enhance the stretch in the intended muscle groups.

  • placed under head for head stands.

This jute yoga mat can be folded into 3 ways and thereby is also popular as the 3 fold jute yoga mat. I believe this yoga mat is a must have yoga accessory if you are an ardent follower of Yoga. Some of the pictures of this yoga mat in different positions is shown here:

Jute mat folded, half folded and laid flat.

jute mat foldedJute mat half foldedJute mat laid flat

Benefits of using Jute Yoga Mat:

  • It is durable, sustainable, and good for your skin.

  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.

  • It is manufactured from natural material.

  • It is ideal for restorative yoga poses, relaxing, and meditating.

This is a multi-purpose yoga mat, manufactured using a natural fiber “Jute” and covered with a pre-washed high quality cotton. Some of the other ways this Jute yoga mat can be helpful in addition to its usage in yoga:

  • Planning a campsite or outdoor with kids: Take along this easy to carry and cushioned yoga mat which can very conveniently transform into your sleeping mat. Carry along this light and foldable mat which can be conveniently used to lie down and relax while your kids play around.

place an order for this innovative yoga product. Eco Samsara provides access to unique yoga products manufactured and sourced right from the land of Yoga, “India” and exclusively designed for Eco Samsara. Leverage the benefits of our online store and home delivery services and enjoy yoga from the convenience of your home.

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